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Valence Los Angeles Gains Raytheon Paint Approvals

Valence Surface Technologies expands special processing capabilities in Southern California for Raytheon Defense Systems.


Photo Credit: Valence Surface Technologies

Valence Surface Technologies’ Los Angeles operation has announced that it recently acquired Raytheon Paint approvals per RPR 17004 that will help support the following programs:

  • Raytheon’s Next Generation Jammer Mid-Band — an advanced electronic attack system that denies, disrupts, and degrades enemy technology, including communication tools and air-defense systems.
  • AN/TPY-2 Radar — a missile defense radar that can detect, track, and discriminate ballistic missiles for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system.
  • Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor, (LTAMDS) — a radar designated to defeat advanced and next-generation threats including hypersonic weapons.

“It is truly exciting to be part of these programs that ultimately help keep our nation safe from potential enemy threats. We will continue to pursue Space/Defense platforms to broaden our capabilities within all Valence Sites.” says Valence Inside Sales Manager Juan Salazar.

Since its inception, Valence Los Angeles has been involved in virtually every major aerospace and defense program and has expanded its business to support international customers. Founded in 1965, Valence is one of the oldest and most venerable aerospace finishing companies in North America due to an extensive approval base, comprehensive service offering, and capability to finish parts up to 30 feet in length.

Valence Los Angeles serves the commercial aerospace, business aviation, defense, and space industries out of its 100,000 square foot facilities. It maintains three process lines and recently completed a major renovation and has added large part titanium processing including sol gel, titanium etch (pickle), and abrasive blast capability for parts up to 27 feet in length.