Solar Atmospheres of Western PA Receives Nadcap Accreditation

The company received the accreditation for it’s new, fully integrated Vacuum Oil Quench furnace, which provides a significantly cleaner and safer oil quenching process.


Umicore Combines Electroplating, Thin Film Business

The company’s new Metal Deposition Solutions business unit combines the former Electroplating and Thin Film Products business lines.

Exair's Threaded Line Vac Transports Abrasive Materials

Exair’s Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vacs are made of a hardened alloy to prevent premature wear when transporting abrasive or heavy materials like garnet, glass, sand, shot blast, tumbling media or metal fittings.

Liquid Coating

Replacement or Reinforcement of DLC Coatings

Expanite, a Danish pioneer of surface hardening of stainless steel and titanium, replaces or supplements the widespread DLC coatings with its technology.

DriSteem Hires Two New Engineers

The water treatment corporation welcomes Tom Swanson and Hugo Chavolla

Powder Coating

Tiger Group Listing PVD and Other Equipment For Bulk Offers

Tiger Group is listing four robot-automated parts-washing, powder-coating and vacuum metallizing lines from Winona PVD — including “like-new” PVD equipment.

Cefla Promotes Samuel Mask to Permanent Role

Cefla North America has hired Samuel Mask as a lab application technician, promoting him from the intern position he began in October 2019.

Powder Coating

Cefla Finishing Adds National Service Manager Role

Cefla has created a new national service technician position, hiring industry veteran Sauro Tugnoli to fill it.


Plastics and Plating on Plastics [1944]

This republished 1944 AES convention paper presents an historic perspective of the early days of plastics in surface finishing - using them and plating on them, in the waning years of World War II.  The discussion reviews the uses of plastics in plating equipment and processing at that time, as well as the coating of the plastics themselves, with accompanying application photos.  You will note that today’s conventional plating-on-plastics processes lay far in the future.  Surprisingly, CVD processes are discussed.

Mass-Vac Vacuum Pump Inlet Traps Block Deposition Byproducts

Mass-Vac is offering a range of customizable vacuum pump inlet traps for select vacuum-vapor deposition processes in research, semiconductor fabrication and industrial coating facilities.


September Issue: On the Rise

Products Finishing’s September issue covers lean manufacturing during a pandemic, vapor degreasing, the story behind a new Vegas-based anodizing facility, and much more.

Powder Coating

Vapor Technologies Offers Hybrid PVD Coater

FABTECH 2020: Vapor Technologies offers hybrid PVD coaters which can be used for cathodic arc, sputtering or both.

Parts Cleaning

Vapor Degreasing: A Fresh Look at an Old Process

Solvent-based cleaning using a vapor degreaser is seeing a resurgence as an alternative cleaning method due to the development of environmentally safe cleaning fluids.

Parts Cleaning

The Right Solvent Creates the Cleanest Parts

Cox Manufacturing Co. has worked with Kyzen Corp. since it implemented its vacuum vapor degreaser to find just the right chemical solvent to clean its customers’ parts to their specifications and beyond.

Hauzer Launches Flexible PVD Coating Machine

Flexicoat 1250, the new PVD coating machine from Hauzer, has an increased loading capacity, seven cathode positions and eight plate positions.


Advanced Finishing Technologies Pilots Closed-Loop Vacuum Evaporation System

Custom-designed chrome reclamation system minimizes water and chemical consumption, and waste effluent.

Recyclable VCI Moisture-Barrier Paper Surpasses Biobased Content Requirements

Cortec’s EcoShield VpCI-144 moisture barrier VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) paper contains 69% USDA certified biobased content.


A Lustrous Example of Expanding a Plating Operation

Ohio’s Lustrous Metal Coatings Pins Growth on Acquiring Other Manufacturing Operations


Hybrid Coatings on Centrifugal Fans in Steel Plants

A centrifugal fan in a steel plant is often exposed to abrasive dust, which results in material loss and a shortage of running time for the fan.

Sweden's Impact Coatings Developing Hyundai Fuel Cell Coatings

Development agreement of coating technology for metal bipolar plates, a key component of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

Parts Cleaning

VaporTech Customizes CVD and PVD Coating Colors

PVD and DLC coating machines are simple to integrate into manufacturing processes. 


Industrial Cleaning Furnaces Remove Pollutants

Controlled pyrolysis process converts organic-based materials into a carbon-based smoke which passes through a 1,500ºF afterburner exiting the exhaust stack as odorless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Voestalpine Eifeler Coatings Opens PVD Facility in Tennessee

This opening follows the company’s opening of their coatings facility in Walnut, California, in June. The company is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Parts Cleaning

Choosing the Right Vapor Degreasing Method

Venesia Hurtubise with MicroCare says experience and expertise are helpful in optimizing and developing cleaning cycles that will best suit a specific job.

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