Building Momentum for the Future of the Finishing Industry

Products Finishing editor-in-chief Scott Francis offers a quick recap of this year’s SUR/FIN surface finishing industry trade show. 


Products Finishing Unveils 2022 Plating and Anodizing Top Shops

2022 Top Shops for electroplating and anodizing recognized at Products Finishing awards presentation at SUR/FIN in Rosemont, Illinois.

NASF Releases May 2022 Policy Update

The National Association for Surface Finishing has released its monthly Policy Update, summarizing some of the pertinent regulatory developments and new announcements from the month of May.

SUR/FIN Session to Focus on PFAS, Chromium Plating and Automotive Supply Chain

Experts from the surface finishing industry, representatives from several automotive OEMs, and government officials will be part of a technical session at SUR/FIN on June 7, 2022 that will focus on the barriers and incentives associated with chromium plating in the automotive supply chain.

Automated Measuring Systems for Coating, Electroplating

Photo Credit: Fischer Technology Inc.

Atotech Offers Specialty Chemicals, Technologies for Numerous End-Markets

Atotech, a leading specialty chemicals and technology company, delivers chemistry, equipment, software and service to support diverse end-markets such as automotive, EV battery, ConAg, energy, plumbing fixtures and more.

Flexible Metal Finishing Copper/Nickel Controller

Photo Credit: Walchem, Iwaki America Inc.

Solutions to Extend the Life of Wastewater Treatment Systems

Photo Credit: ResinTech Regeneration Services The Regeneration Services division of ResinTech (formerly ACM Technologies), a global leader in ion exchange, offers a wide array of services that aid commercial and industrial operators in extending the life of their water and wastewater treatment resources.

Plating, Anodizing Equipment for Variety of Applications

Photo Credit: Titan Metal Fabricators Titan Metal Fabricators, Rightech Fabrications and Optimum Anode Technologies are leading suppliers of equipment for the plating and anodizing industries.

Steelhead Technologies Showcases Plant Management Platform

Photo Credit: Steelhead Technologies With its web-based mobile-friendly platform tailored for the processing industry, Steelhead offers support for murky profitability data, high operations management workload, lengthy operator training cycles, lost paper travelers, time spent finding parts, redundant data entry, arduous quality processes, use of multiple systems, unclear operator performance data, clunky re-work management and more.

MacDermid Enthone Celebrates 100 Years

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions, an alliance partner of the National Association of Surface Finishing (NASF), will celebrate its 100-year anniversary with recognizable experts speaking on topics that are a priority to the company’s customers, including sustainable processes, light metal systems, process control, metal recycling, wastewater treatment and quality systems, amongst others.

Hardwood Line Mfg. Showcases the Benefits of Battery-Operated Barrels

Photo Credit: Hardwood Line Mfg.

Turnkey Solutions for Surface Finishing, Metal Treatment

Photo Credit: Surface Finishing Engineering Ltd.

Operations Software for Finishing Shops from Amariko

Amarikos’ PFC Shop Floor empowers finishing shops with touchscreen-based technology to improve production and quality.

Plating Barrel Provides Optimized Solution, Electrical Transfer

Photo Credit: Luster-On Products Inc.

Goad Showcases Pre-Leak Detection Alarm System

Photo Credit: Goad Goad introduces its TankeyePlus Leak Detection Alarm System.

Metalor Offers Alloy Plating Process for Electronic Components

Metalor recently introduced new Platinum Ruthenium alloy plating process.

KCH Showcases Process Lines, Equipment, Ventilation Systems

Photo Credit: KCH KCH is an industry leader in surface finishing process lines, equipment and ventilation systems.

Total Reclamation of Trivalent Chromium Solutions

Photo Credit: Columbia Chemical Columbia Chemical showcases its innovative TriCOL Reclaim process, which is said to provide cost savings of 40-60% over traditional trivalent systems.

Tri-Mer Reduces Air Pollution Control From Finishing Processes

  Tri-Mer air pollution control is said to produce compliant stack, less housekeeping, higher productivity and less corrosion on buildings and equipment.

Gilbert & Jones Provides National Distribution, Technical and Lab Services

Gilbert & Jones (G&J) is a national distributor that primarily serves the metal finishing and water treatment industries. The company says it offers these industries the highest quality products specific to customers’ needs at competitive prices, while also providing technical and laboratory services. G&J represents many of the world's leaders in proprietary and generic chemistry, as well as respected manufacturers of anodes for any plating process.

Range of Electroplating, Electropolishing, Anodizing Equipment

Photo Credit: Technic Technic supplies a full range of equipment for electroplating, electropolishing, anodizing and more.

Plating Chemistry Testing, Treatment Products

According to Brenntag North America, as plating chemistry evolves and soils requiring removal from the cleaning, lubrication and cooling processes change, it is necessary to run testing procedures pertaining to the coagulation, flocculation and precipitation processes of various metals of concern.

Koch Finishing Systems Delivers Automated Finishing Equipment

Photo Credit: Koch Plating Systems With more than a century of combined experience, Koch Finishing Systems’ brands, Jessup Systems and PriceWalgren, are partnering in its booth at SUR/FIN.

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