Products Finishing's On The Line Podcast

A Podcast for Coaters & Finishers

Products Finishing’s On the Line podcast presents stories from the world of finishing in the voices of those who are in the trenches doing the work.

Recent Episodes

RELEASED: 9/30/2022

Episode 24: An Interview With Keith Jacobs, CEO, ElectraMet

Keith Jacobs, CEO of wastewater solutions provider ElectraMet, discusses the company’s approach and the latest sustainability trends for wastewater treatment.

RELEASED: 8/16/2022

Episode 23: An Interview With Brad Durkin, technical director for the Electroless Nickel Conference 2022

Electroless Nickel Conference 2022 will take place October 11-13 at the Omni Severin in Indianapolis, Indiana. Learn more about the event in this interview with ENC22 technical director Brad Durkin.

RELEASED: 8/8/2022

Episode 22: An Interview with Gary Vasilash, Gardner Business Media

Transportation editor Gary Vasilash discusses the automotive industry today and what the future might hold for surface finishers.

RELEASED: 7/8/2022

Episode 21: Interviews From SUR/FIN 2022

Conversations from the trade show floor on the finishing community’s response to increased hexavalent chrome and PFAS fume suppressant regulations.

RELEASED: 7/8/2022

Video Podcast: The Role of Finishing in the General Supply Chain

Maria Lamorey of PPG’s Industrial Coatings division discusses the role of coatings play in today’s supply chain.