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MicroCare Appoints Commercial Sales Manager

MicroCare welcomes Kristin Rosas as its strategic account executive for its Precision and Medical Device Manufacturing Fluids divisions.

Valence Eastman Gains Multiple Approvals from Sikorsky

Valence Surface Technologies Eastman operations receives an extensive list of process approvals to support Lockheed Martin's Sikorsky rotorcraft programs.

Liquid Coating

HMG Paints Joins Make UK Defence Association

HMG Paints brings its portfolio of Def Stan coatings and bespoke paint and coating formulation services to the group.

Valence Surface Technologies Acquires B&M Painting

B&M Paints provides metal finishing services — including media blast, anodizing, chem film, non-destructive testing (NDT) and industrial painting and more — for mission-critical defense applications.

Valence Wichita Receives Processing Approvals for Military Aircraft

Obtaining these new approvals further expands Valence’s ability to support all Lockheed Martin sub-tier supplier partners in the Central United States from the its central-region locations in Wichita, Kansas and Grove, Oklahoma.


Novaria Acquires Hohman Plating

Novaria continues to grow aerospace and defense capabilities with the acquisition of Dayton-based Hohman Plating.

Nasmyth TMF Achieves NADCAP Accreditation for Non-destructive Testing

Metal finishing, painting and non-destructive testing specialist Nasmyth TMF has achieved NADCAP accreditation for non-destructive testing services for the aerospace and defense industries.

The Sacrifices of World War II in the Plating Industry - A Reflection in Light of the Covid Pandemic

Eighty years ago this month, our involvement in World War II began with the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was the existential crisis for the 20th century, for America and the world.  Thus far, the ongoing COVID pandemic may well be considered the existential crisis for the 21st, although we’ve just gotten started and climate issues lurk in the future. At the 1942 AES Convention, the first after Pearl Harbor, a special session was held, covering how the surface finishing industry was affected by the war effort.  It is worthwhile at this juncture to look back on this, especially in light of today’s pandemic. 

The Present Situation in The Electroplating Industry as Regards Government Restrictions and Government Business (1942)

by William McCord Technical Editor’s Note: The paper begins with introductory remarks by Chairman Maurice R.

Technical Discussions at the AES 30th Annual Convention Victory Session (1942)

Technical Editor’s Note: The discussion begins with remarks by Chairman Maurice R.

Conservation Program of The War Production Board (1942)

by Harvey A.

Military Applications of Electroplating (1942)

by Dr.


NASF Partners with DOD on Workshop at SUR/FIN on California HexChrome Phase-Out

NASF Partners with the Department of Defense on Special Workshop at SUR/FIN on California’s Phase-Out of Hexavalent Chromium Processes and the Implications for the U.S. Defense Supply Chain

Liquid Coating

Sherwin-Williams Unveils Moisture Cure Urethane for Military Applications

A new enhanced moisture cure urethane from Shewin-Williams is engineered for ease of application in high humidity and other challenging environments.

Liquid Coating

Valence Los Angeles Gains Raytheon Paint Approvals

Valence Surface Technologies expands special processing capabilities in Southern California for Raytheon Defense Systems.


Valence Everett Obtains Range Rare Lockheed Martin Approvals

Valence Everett has received approval for several Lockheed Martin Aeronautics processes, including a rare approval for Thin Film Sulfuric Anodize.

Powder Coating

Throughput Consulting Hires Cyber Security Officer

Throughput Consulting has hired Joe Coleman as its new cyber security officer to help customers achieve compliance with NIST 800-171, CMMC and DFARS.


Valence Seattle Adds Capability for Black Dye Anodizing

Valence Seattle has added capability for Type II and Type III Anodizing with Class 2 black dye, further expanding its offerings after launching Type III Anodizing operations in September 2020.


Valence Surface Technologies Discusses Defense, Space Approvals

During the downturn of the commercial aerospace sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Valence has used the time to seek new approvals and put some additional focus on the defense and space markets.

Angel 7 and PPG Announce Partnership

Angel 7 and PPG have partnered to provide military and law enforcement with powerful lens and durable coating technology.

Daubert Cromwell's Bore Tube Packing Protects Metal from Corrosion

Daubert Cromwell has expanded its selection of anti-corrosion packaging for military and industrial commercial uses with a VCI-treated bore tube.


Valence Surface Technologies Obtains Defense Approvals

Valence Everett, a large-parts processor with shot peen, chemical processing and painting capability, obtained three approvals from Boeing Defense.


Valence Surface Technologies Acquires Fountain Plating

With the acquisition of Fountain, Valence continues to execute its customer-focused strategy to improve the aerospace and defense supply chain.

Liquid Coating

Solvent Kleene's D-Zolve Removes Epoxy Coatings

Typical applications include use by military, hospitals, warehousing and marine industries.

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