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PPG Earns R&D 100 Awards for Antimicrobial, Antiviral Paints

The award-winning coatings from PPG continuously kill viruses and bacteria, including the virus responsible for COVID-19.


Lincotek Acquires Danco Medical, Expands Into U.S.

Lincotek Medical and Danco Medical’s partnership is expected to address the needs of orthopedic customers around technical depth and process mastery.


A Process for Alkaline Non-cyanide Silver Plating for Direct Plating on Copper, Copper Alloys and Nickel Without a Silver Strike Bath

Traditionally, silver is electroplated in toxic, cyanide-based chemistry.  Due to cyanide’s extreme hazard to human health and environments, developing non-cyanide silver chemistry is essential for the silver electroplating industry.  Discussed here is an aqueous, alkaline non-cyanide silver plating technology, which can be directly plated over nickel as well as copper and its alloys.  The silver deposits have perfect white color and better anti-tarnishing properties than other non-cyanide silver processes.  The silver is plated entirely from the dissolving silver anode and the bath is very stable, and maintains a stable pH level both during plating and idle time.  This new non-cyanide silver technology will plate bright silver that is perfectly suitable for electronic, industrial and decorative applications.    .      

Liquid Coating

Managing Stacked Tolerances with PTFE Lubricants

PTFE coatings allow surgical instruments to overcome static friction.

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Advanced Solvent Technology for Medical Device Cleaning

An insider's look at new critical cleaning technologies being used in the manufacture of medical instruments.

Parts Cleaning

Navigating Medical Cleaning Regulations

Medical product cleaning and packaging solutions enable new regulations from the FDA and MDR to be met in a robust and reproducible manner.

Microcare Acquires Certol International

The acquisition will expand products and service within medical and dental markets.

OSHA Issues Emergency COVID-19 Workplace Standard for Health Care Sector

OSHA issues new federal emergency COVID-19 workplace standard for health care sector, with guidance for general industry.  

Toxins That Can Help Us

Over many years, well-regarded AESF/NASF contributor Jack Dini wrote a series of fascinating columns to Plating & Surface Finishing, under the title Fact or Fiction?.  He hasn’t slowed down in 2021.  Here, he notes that more research studies are revealing that a little bit of some toxins can be quite helpful to human health. The following shows a number of examples.  

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Expanding Medical Coating Capabilities

One company’s approach to broadening its functional coatings offerings to further serve the medical sector.


Nanostructure of the Anodic and Nanomaterials Sol-Gel Based Materials Application: Advances in Surface Engineering

Porous alumina can be fabricated electrochemically through anodic oxidation of aluminum.  This paper reviews sol-gel chemistry and applications, which also offers unusual nanoporous microstructures.  The ability to control pore chemistry at different scales and geometries, provides excellent bioactivity, enabling the entrapment of biologically active molecules and their controllable release for therapeutic and medical applications.

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Automation Smoothes the Way for Surgical Coatings

Medical device coating company discusses how automation enables increased abrasion resistance and improved insulative properties for electrosurgery.

November Issue: Focus on Medical

The November 2020 issue of Products Finishing focuses on coating and finishing in the medical industry. 

The Road to Recovery

The past few issues of Products Finishing have touched on how different market sectors have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. As we come to the end of the year, PF editor-in-chief Scott Francis takes time to reflect on the manufacturing industry’s response during the COVID era and to contemplate finishing’s role in the medical sector.


A Conversation With Will Wallace of SAT Plating

SAT Plating general manager Will Wallace talks to Products Finishing about his company’s surface activation technology, plating on composites, and what the changing manufacturing landscape might mean for platers.


Hard Chrome Enterprises Inc. Acquired

The plating company has served the aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer sectors since 1969. 

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Reshoring of Medical Equipment With an Eye on Electropolishing

Hubbard-Hall prepares to help surface finishers seeking to implement electropolishing processes in order to take advantage of reshoring efforts to bring production work back to the U.S.


CFS Expands Electropolishing Services to Additional Markets

After providing electropolishing services to the industrial manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, Custom Fab Solutions has announced it is expanding its offerings to additional markets including food and beverage, medical devices and aerospace.

Perstorp Converts Production to Solve Swedish National Disinfection Crisis

Perstorp started large-scale production of hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant for the Swedish healthcare sector in response to COVID-19.

Smog-Eating Graphene Composite Coating Reduces Atmospheric Pollution

Study found that when titania is exposed to sunlight, it degrades nitrogen oxides which are harmful to human health.

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Grieve's Electric Shelf Oven Dries Medical Equipment

Grieve’s No. 881 is a 250°F electric shelf oven designed to dry water from medical equipment.


Firearms and Flatware Feed Silvex’s Growing Electroplating Operation

It’s obvious that Silvex specializes in silver, but its processes also reach into the defense, aerospace, power generation and medical industries.

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3 Ways Advances in Cleaning and Coatings Drive Medical Device Innovation

Jay Tourigny of MicroCare Medical says that advances in medical devices come with many benefits but also bring new challenges related to cleaning and coatings.


The Value of PVD Coatings for Medical Devices

Applying a PVD coating to medical devices can offer both aesthetic and functional advantages. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

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