Mechanical Finishing, also known as Mass Finishing, typically relies on motion and force to apply an abrasive material to a part. Processes include tumbling, grinding, vibratory finishing, centrifugal disc finishing, centrifugal barrel finishing. 

Tips for Choosing Abrasive Blasting Safety Equipment and Safety Procedures

Selecting new blasting equipment? Lane Barnholtz of Clemco Industries, manufacturer of air-powered abrasive blasting equipment, offers insights for choosing the correct equipment for your needs.

Mechanical Finishing: Essential Reading

Drivers of Change

Is your metal finishing software ready for an upgrade?

Some Buffing and Polishing Basics

Some general information and pointers on polishing and buffing...


FAQ: Mechanical Finishing

What considerations do I need to keep in mind as I select blasting equipment?

The information that follows outlines how to evaluate which safety equipment and safety procedures are best for a typical abrasive blasting job. However, before choosing equipment or establishing safety procedures, evaluate the target surface and the worksite environment, perform a job hazard analysis, and assess the goals of the job.

How can I achieve a mirror finish? 

To achieve the desired finish, the part’s surface must first be properly prepared. In some cases, parts start with a very rough surface. Many parts require processing the surface with a series of abrasive belts and other abrasive products.


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