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Finishing Activity: September Closes With an Index of 49.8 (50 = flat.)

Finishing activity is flat for the first time since December 2020. 


The Gardner Business Index (GBI): Finishing closed September with as many fabricators saying activity is looking up as say it is slowing down.

  • Two components contracted in September, production and backlog, for the first time since August and December 2020, respectively.
  • New orders started to contract in August and continued to do so at a faster rate in September.
  • Supplier deliveries continued to lengthen, and employment activity continued to expand at slowed rates.
  • Export activity contracted at about the same rate in September as it did in August.

The Gardner Business Index (GBI): Finishing

September’s index is unremarkable due to similar levels of upside and downside that cancel each other out.

Key Component Activity

Production and backlog activity contracted in September, the first time since late 2020.