PPG's 2023 Color of the Year Expected to Influence Industrial Design

PPG expects its color, Vining Ivy, to impact industrial and consumer product design.


MKS Instruments Acquires Atotech

The acquistion positions MKS to advance electronic device miniaturization and complexity, as well as extend product offerings for industrial applications.

Abrasive-Resistance Coating for Printed Circuit Boards

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America Inc.’s MR-Coat-01F and 02F conformal coating series offer significantly higher elongation than standard resin-based conformal coatings.

Leak Detection Alarm System

GOAD introduces its TANKeye PLUS leak detection alarm system at SUR/FIN 2021

Automatic Simple Control Rectifier

Ryotronics Automatic Simple Control Rectifier – SCR/SWITCH models

Air- and Water-Cooled Switch Mode Power Supplies

SanRex MRM series air- and water-cooled switch-mode power supplies.

Banner Engineering Qualifies Solutions for Amazon Web Services

The company’s products will be used to capture machine- and process-performance data for customers

MicroCare Launches Stereze Surface Cleaning Line

MicroCare has launched its Stereze line of alcohol-based workplace cleaning products, which it says are safe for use on electronics, plastic and metal.


AOTCO Metal Finishing Acquires Plating for Electronics

AOTCO Metal Finishing has acquired Plating for Electronics, allowing clients of either firm to now make use of the capabilities of both.


Kevin Pattee Joins Ronatec

Pattee vast experience in electronics, rectification, ovens and other fields.

A New Way to Corrosion-Proof Thin Atomic Sheets

Ultrathin coating could protect 2D materials from corrosion, enabling their use in optics and electronics.


Beyond Ni/Au: Next Generation Corrosion-Resistant Finishes for Electronics Applications

This paper describes several next-generation approaches to increasing the corrosion-resistance of electroplated articles using various methods in the search for finishes to replace the Ni/Au industry standard.


Toward Automatic Control of Nickel Plating Processes

Technological advances in electronics manufacturing and the design of automobiles have brought about a trend toward very narrow specifications and increasingly stringent requirements on the quality of electrodeposited layers of nickel.


Self-Induced Repair of Printed Circuit Boards

This is a re-publication of the 1992 AESF Gold Medal Award paper for best paper published in Plating & Surface Finishing in 1991.  It introduces a then-new technique for repairing near-opens (constrictions) in the wiring on printed circuit boards has been developed.


GF Piping Smart Sensor Electronics Increase Process Control

GF Piping supplies a range of products for industrial process control.


Bowman G Series XRF Designed for Electronics, Semiconductors, Connectors

Bowman coating thickness measurement system offers flexibility for measuring a variety of sample sizes, shapes and quantities.  

Exair Cabinet Coolers Fit in Tight Spaces with Side Mount Kit

Exair’s NEMA 4X cabinet cooler is designed purge and cool electrical control panels, protecting sensitive electronics from heat, dirt and moisture.


Sealed Cabinets Protect Liquid-Cooled Recifiers

SASSC liquid-cooled DC power conversion systems from Process Electronics Corp. (PEC) are designed for a range of surface finishing applications, including electroplating, electropainting, anodizing and galvanizing.

Devices Offer Diagnostics for Improved pH/ORP Monitoring, Control

GF Piping Systems will feature Signet 2751 DryLoc pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics at Sur/Fin 2018, designed for probe health, glass impedance and broken glass detection for improved pH/oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) monitoring and control.

Mechanical Finishing

Electronics Company Gets Boost from Bel Air Finishing

A team from TE Connectivity visited the mass finishing solution provider’s Process Technology Center to get help in developing a very specific surface finish for a new automotive connector.

Benchtop Analyzers Handle Complex Parts, Ultra-Thin Coatings

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science’s benchtop FT110A and FT150 energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzers can be used for measuring a range of metal finishing and electronics applications.

New Mirror-Coating Technology Promises Dramatic Improvements in Telescopes

At UC Santa Cruz, an electrical engineer has teamed up with astronomers to improve telescope mirrors using thin-film technology from the electronics industry


Read the Interview: Uyemura's Tony Revier

Revier, who was attending IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries gathering in Washington, D.C. for IMPACT Washington, D.C. 2017 to advocate for a pro-growth, pro-advanced-manufacturing policy agenda.


A Conversation with Don Walsh, Uyemura

Donald Walsh has been with Uyemura International Corp. for 20 years and retires this month as its director of operations. His involvement with the surface finishing industry—and specifically the electronic and circuit board sectors—has been enormous.

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