Bumps in the Road

The past two years have been challenging in many ways — here are some thoughts on moving forward during difficult times.

How to Find a Job in the Finishing Industry

The time is ripe to find a great job in the finishing industry. Here are some resources and training opportunities that may aid you in your search.


Celebrating the Experts of Surface Finishing

From recent events like Powder Coating Week to virtual celebrations like National Surface Finishing Day, a sense of optimism for the future of surface finishing is palpable. 

What’s New for '22?

As we settle into 2022, Products Finishing editor Scott Francis discusses some of PF’s exciting initiatives for the coming year.

Powder Coating

The Year in Review

Products Finishing offers a look back at some of the most noteworthy finishing industry stories from 2021.

In Service of an Industry

Lessons from the stewards of surface finishing. 

Celebrating Top Shops

The real way to be a Top Shop? Take care of your customers and your team.


It's About Perseverance

Products Finishing Editor-in-Chief Scott Francis talks about the importance of in-person trade shows.  

A Focus on Developing Color for Automotive

The August 2021 issue of Products Finishing puts a focus on the automotive industry — specifically on developing colors for cars.

Powder Coating

Being the New Guy

Products Finishing editor-in-chief, Scott Francis, discusses digging into his first industry event after a year and a half on the job.


Who's Ready to Get On the Road Again?

Despite challenges, the surface finishing industry ramps up for a return to sorely missed in-person business and networking opportunities.

Embracing the Future of Finishing

Products Finishing editor-in-chief Scott Francis discusses the challenges and the changing landscape of the finishing industry — and how new technologies might carry the industry forward. 

Powder Coating

Saving the Family Glider

How awesome is powder coating? It might just preserve precious family memories.

Mechanical Finishing

High Fives for the Surface Finishing Industry

National Surface Finishing Day offered what seems to have been a missing component in our makeshift gatherings over the past year, which is a chance to celebrate together.

The Work We Do

In a time when so many are coping with loss, Products Finishing editor-in-chief Scott Francis takes time to reflect on the importance of hard work and the bigger picture within the finishing community.

Settling Into 2021

Finding satisfaction in accomplishing small steps along the way. 

The Changing Landscape of Automotive

Products Finishing editor-in-chief Scott Francis considers the future of automotive beyond the pandemic and in the advent of electric vehicles. 

Products Finishing Then, Now and Tomorrow

As 2020 comes to a close, Products Finishing editor-in-chief Scott Francis discusses upcoming initiatives for 2021.

The Road to Recovery

The past few issues of Products Finishing have touched on how different market sectors have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. As we come to the end of the year, PF editor-in-chief Scott Francis takes time to reflect on the manufacturing industry’s response during the COVID era and to contemplate finishing’s role in the medical sector.

Powder Coating

Geeking Out About Space Flight

As Products Finishing releases its October aerospace-themed issue, editor-in-chief Scott Francis takes the opportunity to reflect on the finishing industry’s role in aerospace and space markets.

How Do We Reconnect?

As one industry tradeshow after another is stalled by the COVID-19 pandemic, what other ways of networking can coaters, finishers and suppliers embrace?

Liquid Coating

Trends in Coating and Finishing

What will continually evolving material combinations mean for the manufacturing industries and, in turn, what will they mean for coaters and finishers?

Cultivating the Next Generation of Finishing Industry Leaders

As a generation of experienced coaters and finishers look toward retirement, new leaders are beginning to emerge. Training, education, support and encouragement for new talent is crucial for the future of manufacturing.

Powder Coating

What Makes a Top Shop?

Productivity, efficiency and on-time deliveries are all hallmarks of a great finishing shop, but at the heart of it all is a commitment to employees and customers.

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