October 2022 | Digital Edition

Chicago Anodizer Emphasizes Relationships as Key to Growing Business

Chicago Anodizing Company continues to grow its 75-year old business by investing in its people and partners, and by embracing new technologies.



Consistency is Key for this Plating Top Shop

A recurring theme from Products Finishing's recent visit to Varland Plating was a commitment to continuous improvement.

Corrosion Protection Via Selective Plating

Carbon and high strength steels are some of the most widely used metals today, and the corrosion of this type of material is a serious problem for a variety of industries. However, corrosion can largely be controlled with developments in various protective solutions. Sarah Medeiros, Corrosion Engineer at SIFCO ASC, discusses developments in R&D to help slow down the corrosion process.

Curing Ecoat at Lower Temperatures

Recent innovations in ecoat technology allow for an expanded bake window to enable the curing of diverse substrates of varying thicknesses. 
Parts Cleaning

When the Stakes are High, Clean

Precision cleaning is critical for finishing aerospace oxygen system parts.

Racks for Powder Coating

Ethan R. Ware, Esquire, Williams Mullen: PFAS in Surface Finishing: Where is it Going?

Lucas Dillingham, Brighton Science: The Solution to Costly Aircraft Paint Adhesion Failure

Dan Davitz, industrial finishing line consultant, Prism Strategy & Design LLC: The Real Cost: C-Hooks Versus Parts Racks