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Angel 7 and PPG Announce Partnership

Appears in Print as: 'New Partnership Promotes Martial Eye Protection'

Angel 7 and PPG have partnered to provide military and law enforcement with powerful lens and durable coating technology.


Angel 7 Industries (San Antonio, Texas) announced it has partnered with with PPG (Pittsburgh, PA), combining PPG’s coatings and other supply materials with Angel 7’s next-generation i-RMR lens technology. In addition to enhancing several existing products, PPG will supply specific coatings for military and law enforcement eye protection applications.

Angel 7 claims its i-RMR substrate is one of the world’s strongest lens technologies, with significant bulletproofing capabilities even when acting as transition lenses. PPG, in turn, will provide its PPG Hi-Gard lens coating solution, which the company claims is four to six times more abrasion resistant than uncoated lenses. PPG is also set to provide further product options involving coatings and materials.